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Avian coronavirus Main Replicase Enzymes at a Glance

Avian coronavirus Main Replicase Enzymes at a Glance

Giselle R.R. Ayres* and Brandão P.E

Applied Molecular Biology and Serology Laboratory, Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of São Paulo, Brazil.


Avian Coronavirus (AvCoV) belongs to the Gammacoronavirus genus from the Coronaviridae family and Nidovirales order. Coronaviruses have a single-stranded positive RNA genome, corresponding to the largest known RNA genome, with about 27kb for AvCoV. The first 5’ two thirds of this genome, correspondent to a wide ORF1 (also called replicase gene), code for non-structural proteins (nsps) that are enrolled in viral transcription, replication and pathogenesis. The last 3’ one-third of the genome codes the four structural and accessory proteins. Nsps act in a complex replication process, made possible by the special characteristics of AvCoV genome. This manuscript aims to present an overview of the main aspects of the current knowledge on the main AvCoV replicase genes.

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Hosts and Viruses


Vol.9, Pages 1-45


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