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Canine Coronavirus (CCoV), a Neglected Pathogen: Molecular Diversity of S, M, N and 3b Genes

Canine Coronavirus (CCoV), a Neglected Pathogen: Molecular Diversity of S, M, N and 3b Genes

Iracema Nunes de Barros1,2, Luciane Dubina Pinto3, Rosely Bianca dos Santos Kuroda1, Sheila Oliveira de Souza Silva1, Leonardo José Richtzenhain1,2, Cláudio Wageck Canal3 and Paulo Eduardo Brandão1,2* 

1Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of São Paulo, Brazil; 2Coronavirus Research Group, Brazil ; 3Laboratory of Virology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 


Gastroenteritis is a common infection in young dogs and is caused chiefly by canine coronavirus (CCoV) and canine parvovirus (CPV). While, CPV is considered the most important cause of diarrhea, studies have shown an increasing prevalence and importance of CCoV around the world. Fatal CCoV infections have been described, however, there is limited information on the molecular diversity of CCoV in many parts of the world. In this study, canine fecal samples from diverse States of Brazil were screened by PCRs for CCoV and positive samples were subjected to partial sequencing for the membrane (M), spike (S), nucleocapsid (N) and non-structural protein 3b genes. Out of the samples collected, 40.17% were positive for CCoV; 57.45% of CCoV-infected animals showed enteritis and most of these (76%) were younger than 3 months and unvaccinated. Distance genealogy using CCoV sequences from GenBank for M gene showed that eight strains were CCoV-II twenty-six were CCoV-I. These findings show some genetic features of CCoV in Brazil and may require future studies to elucidate full genome sequences of these isolates to better assess the disease transmission dynamics and future control strategies. 

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Vol.9, Pages 1-45


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