Baohua Chen1,2, Wenzhu Peng3, Jian Xu2, Jingyan Feng1,2, Chuanju Dong1,2 and Peng Xu2,3,*
Fang Wang, Yong-Fang Jia, Po Wang, Qi-Yan Du and Zhong-Jie Chang*


...LET for 15 days, and the expression profiles of seven gonad differentiation related genes (Cyp19A, Cyp19B, Arα, ERα, Dax, Foxl2, Dmrt1) and gonad histological changes were examined. The results showed that LET could inhibit oocyte growth in female and promote the development of testes in males. For the gonad differentiation related genes, the expression profiles of Cyp19A and Cyp19B show a pattern of increase in ...
Yue Qin Song, Hui Zhong Sun* and Jun Feng Dong
...g and sequencing. Tissue expression profiles of all YsigOR genes in the antennae of females and males were analyzed using real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR). The result showed that some YsigOR genes displayed significant differences in the expression levels between sexes. YsigOrco had the highest expression level in all YsigOR genes; however, the expression level in males was twice as that of females. Our study provides valuable biological information for st...
Ming-Yan Shi2, Xu-Liang Yan1, Ping-Ping Han1, Yu-Jie Tang1 and Hui-Xia Li1*
...vided an overview of the expression profile of miRNAs, and demonstrated interactions between miRNAs and target genes, which improve our understanding of the important role that miRNAs play in SMSC adipogenic differentiation.
Chaogang Yao, Daxin Pang, Chao Lu, Aishi Xu, Peixuan Huang, Hongsheng Ouyang* and Hao Yu*
...(LD) muscle of pigs. The expression profile of candidate genes involved in the PPAR and fatty acid metabolism signaling pathways were detected in the LD muscle of two pig breeds with different IMF contents (Large White and Min) by a quantitative real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) array. Our results showed that three lipid metabolism-related biological processes lipogenesis, fatty acid transport and fatty acid oxidation in these...
Jia Liu1, Zhen Wang1, Zifan Ning1, Ali Mujtaba Shah2,3,Qing Zhu1, Yan Wang1, Huadong Yin1, Zhichao Zhang1, Lu Zhang1, Yaofu Tian1, Diyan Li1,Gang Shu2,4, Lin Ye1 and Xiaoling Zhao1,*
...ber density, whereas the expression profiles of MyoG and MyoD were similar to the developmental changes in myofiber diameter. Overall, body weight and muscle expansion of SG chickens were less than FG chickens. MyoG was the possible gene controlling myofiber development as its expression abundances were associated with the muscle development profiles in the SG and FG chickens, respectively.
Lin Ye, Jie-Lan Jiang*, Jia Xu, Rui-Ting Liu, Yin-Qiu Tian, Qing-Qing Zang, Jia-Yi Cao and Ming-Guang Mao*

Asmaa S. Mohammed*, Ahmed F. Abou-Elnaga, Ahmed I. Ateya, Mohammed M. Fouda, Ragab A. Darwish, Usama A. Abou-Ismail 

...eproductive performance, expression profile of FSHR and ER-α genes and levels of serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D and cortisol were evaluated at the end of the exposure period. The results showed that the exposure of female rabbits to prolonged durations of UVB radiation (8 and 12 hours) reduced the level of inactive behaviours and bar chewing, and improved maintenance and exploratory behaviours. Similarly, the exposure to long durations of UVB radiation eleva...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 10, Iss. 7, Pages 1423-1658


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