Quang Minh Dinh
...t period for sustainable fishery management.
Anan Kenthaoand Pornpimol Jearranaiprepame*
...ic technique to identify fishery management units of C. apogon from six populations of three different river drainages: Pong, Chi, and Mun Rivers. Thirty-two truss measures and standard length were obtained using digital calliper from 291 fish individuals, and raw measured data were then subjected to allometric equation to remove size-dependent variation prior further statistical analyses. Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) indicated highly sign...
Liyan Zhang1,2, Zhidong Zhou1,3, Haiping Li1,2, Yanlong Qiao4, 5 and Yueping Zhang1,3,*
...hould belong to the same fishery management unit. The nucleotide mismatch distribution and neutrality test results indicated that the studied S. japonicus populations experienced a recent expansion event during the late Pleistocene. At present, S. japonicus resources show recessions and decreased mean ages due to overfishing, emphasizing the need to strengthen the management of corresponding fisheries and to develop and reasonably utilize S. j...
Zhaochao Deng1, Jingchen Chen1, Na Song2, Yongzhen Li3 and Zhiqiang Han1,*
...here might have only one fishery management units of C. leucas in the South China Sea and genetic heterogeneity among C. leucas in the center of Indo-Pacific regions.
Zhaochao Deng1, Na Song2, Yongzhen Li3, Tianxiang Gao1 and Zhiqiang Han1,*
...might be three different fishery management units of L. olivaceus in the South China Sea. Each of archipelagos should be treated as one independent management unit.
Bingbing Gao1, Na Song1, Zhonglu Li2, Tianxiang Gao3 and Liqin Liu3,*
... is vitally important in fishery management and conservation. The ponyfish species Nuchequula mannusella is a dominant species along southern coast of China with important economic and ecological value, and little of its population genetic structure has been known. We use mitochondrial DNA markers to investigate the genetic structure of the species along southern coast of China. The complete sequences of Cytochrome b (Cytb) gene of 163 ind...
Nazia Qamar1,2*, Sher Khan Panhwar2 and Wang Ping1
...a can be used for shrimp fishery management in Pakistan.

Tasleem Akhtar1, 2, Ghazanfar Ali1,* and Nuzhat Shafi2

...ulations for sustainable fishery management and conservation in this state of Pakistan, in which most of population depend upon fish resources. No information regarding LWRs and morphometric measurements of S. progastus and S. niger was available in Fish Base.
Assefa Tessema Tecklie1*, Abebe Getahun Gubale1, Seyoum Mengistou Yilma1, Tadesse Fetahi Hailu1 and Eshete Dejen Diresilign2
...g activities. Therefore, fishery management tools such as mesh size regulation, closing season and ground and fishery regulatory systems enacted by the federal and regional governments should be implemented through application of community-based fishery management system.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 3, Pages 1001-1500


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