Bahattin Cak1, Orhan Yilmaz1, Siddik Keskin2, Tahir Bayril3 and Mohammad Masood Tariq4*

...oat using four nonlinear growth models. Thirty (n=22 males and n=8 females) Colored Mohair kids were used. The kids were weighed at 2-week intervals from birth to 150 days. The Monomolecular, Gompertz, Richards and Three Parameter Logistic models were used. The best model was determined by considering the root mean square error, R2 % and asymptotic correlation coefficient criteria. We concluded that the Gompertz and Richards models were favourable for singleto...

 Muhammad Qasim*, Sonila Hassan*, Arshed Bashir*, Hafiz Zahid Mahmood** and Irfan Mehmood*

...ted co-efficient for all growth models (area, production and yield) of selected commodities were statistically highly significant at 1% level except yield of gram which was significant at 10% level. The estimated annual growth rate of area for wheat, rice and sugarcane was 0.9%, 2.1% and 0.8%, respectively with the production growth of 3.0%, 3.8% and 2.2%, respectively and yield growth of 2.1%, 1.6% and 1.5%, respectively. The results highlighted that the majo...
Farhat Iqbal1, Mohammad Masood Tariq2,*, Ecevit Eyduran3, Zil-e-Huma4, Abdul Waheed5, Farhat Abbas2, Muhammad Ali2, Nadeem Rashid2, Majed Rafeeq2, Asadullah2 and Zahid Mustafa2
...used nonlinear sigmoidal growth models were estimated through Bayesian inference. Gompertz, Logistic, Brody and Von Bertalanffy models were fitted to average monthly body weight data of (n = 412) Mengali sheep from birth to 24 months of age for both sexes (male and female) and type of births (single and twin). The overall goodness of fit was checked by calculating Deviance Information Criteria (DIC) and the square of correlation (R2) between ...
Farhat Iqbal1, Abdul Waheed2,*, Zil-e-Huma3 and Asim Faraz2
...Bertalanffy and Logistic growth models were employed on the basis of nonlinear least squares and Bayesian methods. Using the monthly body weight data of 2070 weight records of Thalli sheep from birth to 24 months of age for both sexes (male and female) and type of births(single and twin), the estimates of parameters and their credible intervals were obtained from posterior distributions. The overall goodness of fit of classical method was calculated; namely, A...
Sevil Demirci*, Aydın Demirci and Emrah Şimşek
...(0–IV years). Four growth models used to identify the growth characteristics were von Bertalanffy, Logistic, Richards, and Gompertz growth models. Growth type of Randall’s threadfin bream has rapid property; hence the fish population may be continued increasing in the Iskenderun Bay and other of Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Azra1*, Muhammad Afzal2 and Dilawar Khan1

Factors Influencing Inflation and Economic Growth in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis
...e inflation and economic growth models. Parameters stability was examined for two periods (1991 and 2002). CPI showed stability in both periods but GDP did not demonstrate in the second period.

Junyan Bai1*, Zhihao Dong1, Rentaodi Wu2, Lema Dao2, Di Bao2, Qiang Zhang2, Xinghua Tian3 and Hui Cao1
...are was used to fit five growth models (Logarithmic, Quadratic, Cubic, S, and logistic) of body weight and body size traits of Alashan Bactrian camel. The results showed that the S growth model of body height, body length, chest circumference and tube circumference had the best fitting effect, and the fitting degree was 0.937, 0.982, 0.972 and 0.914, respectively. The S growth models of body height, body length, chest circum...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 3, Pages 1001-1500


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