KM Fakhrul-Islam, Mohammad Shah Jalal, Sonnet Poddr, Md Nurul Quader, Md Sahidur-Rahman, Avijit Dutta and Shuvo Mazumder

... mortality in calves and kids. In this study proportionate prevalence of FMD in cattle was estimated and the distribution of FMD according to different factors was evaluated. Both retrospective and prospective FMD clinical cases were included considering clinical signs and drugs used for treatment during 13 January to 15 March 2015. A total of 131 cattle was investigated and 16.8% cattle cattle were recorded as FMD. The proportionate prevalence of FMD in diffe...

Bahattin Cak1, Orhan Yilmaz1, Siddik Keskin2, Tahir Bayril3 and Mohammad Masood Tariq4*

... females) Colored Mohair kids were used. The kids were weighed at 2-week intervals from birth to 150 days. The Monomolecular, Gompertz, Richards and Three Parameter Logistic models were used. The best model was determined by considering the root mean square error, R2 % and asymptotic correlation coefficient criteria. We concluded that the Gompertz and Richards models were favourable for singletons and that the Richards model...

 Nadeem Akmal, Hassnain Shah*, Muhammad Azam Niazi** and Waqar Akhtar*

...nce of Rs. 1277 for male kids and Rs. 697 for female kids of the same age than the kids from local buck crosses. The farmers believed that the price difference was not only due to the higher weight but a better look and better structure of the Beetal goat. Farming community showed keen interest in using this intervention on a regular basis.

Nay Naing Htoo1, Basit Zeshan1,2,*, Aung Tun Khaing1, Than Kyaw1, Erkihun Aklilu Woldegiorgis1 and Mohd Azam Khan1
...goats (n=48) single born kids, seven-day-old (live weight 4.4±0.09kg) were divided into 3 treatment groups, each having 8 females and 8 males. The kids from first treatment group had free access to creep feed with roughage (CFR), second group had free access to creep feed without roughage (CF) while last group (control) had access to their does’ milk (DM) only. All kids had ac...
Pasqua Rotondi1, Maria Antonietta Colonna1, Giuseppe Marsico1, Francesco Giannico1, Marco Ragni1 and Anna Maria Facciolongo2,*
Meat from Garganica kids fed diets containing oregano and linseed was analysed for physical and sensory properties, chemical and fatty acid composition of intramuscular lipids. Twenty-one three-week-old kids were divided into three homogeneous groups (n = 7), according to age and body weight, and assigned to one of the following feeding treatments: C) control: commercial pelleted feed; L) pelleted feed containing 3% ext...
Zhongquan Zhao*, Tianyuan Yang, Lei Qiao, Qijie He and Zinuo Dai
...ding for male and female kids were 102.0±4.2 days vs. 117.0±8.7 days; 216.0±28.5 days vs. 195.0±22.4 days; 490.0±38.5 days vs. 355.0±27.5 days, respectively. Estrous cycle was 20.1±0.5 days. The duration of the natural estrous period of Dazu black goat (41.4±8.6 h) was longer than these reported goat breeds and was not significant difference among the different litter sizes does in the breed. The semen qu...
Mumtaz Ali Khan1, Aneela Zameer Durrani1, Sher Bahadar Khan2, Naimat Ullah Khan3, Muhammad Asfandyar Khan2, Kashif Prince1,*, Mahboob Ali1, Ghazunfar Rashid1 and Azmat Ulah Khan2
... identified in lambs and kids population from non-vaccinated dams of selected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. Samples were obtained from non-vaccinated lambs and kids with the signs of enterotoxaemia. The isolates were initially identified by colony characteristics, Gram staining, biochemical tests and CFU/g. Clostridium perfringens was isolated from 43.45% of lambs and 50.59% of the

Aftab Shaukat1,2,*, Tauseef ur Rehman3, Rizwan Shukat4, Shahid Ali Rajput5, 

Shadab Shaukat6, Muhammad Ahsan Naeem2,5,8, Mubashar Hassan2,5, Tabassam Fatima2,5
Fayyaz Ahmad1, Muhammad Usman Saleem7, Fatima Arooj1, Ashar Mehfooz2 and Anas Sarwar Qureshi2
...nd weaning weight of the kids in T1 and T2 group were 1.56±0.02 kg vs 1.87±0.04 kg and 9.0±0.21 kg vs 10.45±0.18 kg, respectively showing better results in group (T2). Effect of flushing on type of birth was observed significant at Chi-square value of 9.138 p-value of 0.010 showing higher number of twin and triplet birth in test group. Furthermore, the study of growth of

Amira M. Nowier1, Hassan R. Darwish2, Sherif I. Ramadan3, Nadia A. Abo El-Maaty2 and Othman E. Othman2*

... Zaraibi does with three kids and at the first month of lactation stage. Moreover, the T>C SNP in the Zaraibi α-lactalbumin gene may be a useful marker for assisted selection programs to improve goat milk yield trait.


Thobela Louis Tyasi1*, Lubabalo Bila2, Nkgaugelo Kgasago3, Siza Mthi4 

...frican non-descript goat kids. A total of 46 new-born South African non-descript goat kids (30 females and 16 males) were used for the study. Analysis of variance and Pearson’s correlation were used for data analysis. Results showed that the mean live body weight of females and males was 2.11±0.05 and 2.76±0.12 respectively. Correlation analysis revealed that body weight (BW) was positively correlated wit...

Murat Durmuş* and Nazan Koluman

... 25% Awassi) and 10 head kids of Improved Cukurova Boer type (10% Native Hair Goat + 90% Boer) were used as animal material in the experiment. Kids and lambs were housed in two different paddocks during the eight-week trial period and performance data such as feed consumption and live weight gain were recorded during the trial. Four head animals, of which closest to the average live weight of each group in the final of the f...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 55, Iss. 1, Pages 1-500


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