Songhao Zhang1, Yiwen Gong1, Jian Xu1, Mou Hu2, Peng Xu3 and Yanliang Jiang1,2,4,*
... approach of comparative transcriptome analysis via high throughput sequencing, and examined transcriptome profiles of purse red carp by comparing with Yellow River carp, of which the skin color and body shape are quite similar to wild carp. A total of 434 million reads was generated, resulted in 203,590 assembled contigs, which was used as the reference sequences. Comparing the skin and blood transcriptome files showed that 2,767 unigenes were significantly d...
Guan-bao Ning1, Sheng Niu1, Yue-jian Li1,2, Xiao-xiao Lu1,3, Shi-xiong Yang1,  Ali-Raza Jahejo1, Ding Zhang1, Wei-fang Hao4, Wen-wei Gao1, Yu-jun Zhao1, Jian-hui Li1, Fang Yan1, Rong-kun Gao1, Yu-hai Bi1,5, Wen-xia Tian1* and Ling-xia Han6*
...ythrocytes of chicken by transcriptome analysis. Twenty specific pathogen-free (SPF) chickens were divided into two groups as control and treatment. The chickens of treatment group were inoculated with MDV, and blood samples of two groups were obtained at 14 and 22 days post-infection (dpi) for RNA extraction. Transcriptome analysis was performed to explore the immune responses of chicken erythrocytes to MDV infection at 14 ...

Guo-dong Zhao1,2*, He-ying Qian1,2, Yi-ling Zhang1,2, Gang Li1, 2, Jian Tang1, 2 and An-ying Xu1,2*

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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