Madhuban Gopal, Rajesh Kumar and Arunava Goswami 

Nano-pesticides - A recent approach for pest control

Safdar Ali1*, Obaidullah Shafique1, Tariq Mahmood2, Muhammad Amir Hanif1, Ijaz Ahmed3 and Bashir Ahmad Khan

...he major contribution of nanotechnology in the field of agriculture is the formulation of nano based pesticides and fertilizers for increased crop production. Precise farming techniques can promote crop production without damaging soil and water, reducing losses due to leaching of nitrogen and enhancing long lasting incorporation of nutrients by micro-organisms present in the soil. Another major breakthrough of nanotechnology

Muhammad Javaid1*, Unsar Naeem-Ullah1, Waheed S. Khan2, Shafqat Saeed1, Mirza Abdul Qayyum1 and Muhammad Arslan Khan1

Role of Nanotechnology in Crop Protection and Production: A Review
...gies in agriculture like nanotechnology for sustainable agriculture production. Nanoparticles have physical, biological and chemical characteristics with size range of 10-9 nanometer in diameter. Nanotechnology will serve as an innovation in agriculture and food industry i.e. nanopesticides to manage insect pests of different crops, nanofungicides to control pathogens, plant diseases and nanoherbicides for the management of ...

Muhammad Shahid1*, Unsar Naeem-Ullah1, Waheed S. Khan2, Shafqat Saeed1 and Kashif Razzaq3

Application of Nanotechnology for Insect Pests Management: A Review
...In current scenario, the nanotechnology has revolutionized the agriculture with the greatest potential of nano based insecticides for the insect pest management. The physical and chemical approaches are most widely used for the synthesis of nanoparticles but actually they are detrimental for the environment and human health. The emphasis of this review article is to critic the potential of nanotechnology for insect pest mana...

Saydat Saad1, Doaa Abdel-Fattah1, Tarek Khamis2, Aya El-Sobky1* on the application of nanotechnology in animal health and human health utilizing animal models, as well as the usefulness of nanotechnology on natural supplements like propolis used in animal nutrition and health.

Keywords | Nanotechnology, Nano-Propolis, Animal production and health, Natural products 


Khalid Javed Iqbal1, Irfan Baboo2*, Arshad Javid3, Noor Khan4, Hamid Majeed5, Azra Anwer1, Zahid Farooq2, Muhammad Altaf6 and Moazam Jalees7

...o growing exploration in nanotechnology, nano-particles application in various fields of industries and medicine is growing. However, limited study is available on their toxicological impacts which can adversely affect the organism’s health and their environment. Current research was designed to study the possible toxicity of iron oxide nano-particles on common carp, C. carpio after exposure period of 96 hours by the analysis of their haematological para...

Muhammad Halim Natsir*, Osfar Sjofjan, Yuli Frita Nuningtyas, Danung Nur Adli, Lizar Basnelda, Dimas Frisky Apriyanto, Wahyu Tri Utami 

...seed flour enhanced with nanotechnology on growth performance, intestinal profile, and microbial population of Lohman chickens. A total 256 Lohmann chicken were used on the experimental diets. The Fountain clerodendrum and avocado seed flour were enhanced with nanotechnology 500 mm. The two-way nested Anova with eight treatments and four replication was employed, with each experimental unit consisting of eight Lohmann broile...

Shahid Iqbal, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Muhammad Atiq*, Nasir Ahmed Rajput, Muhammad Usman, Ahmad Nawaz, Ghalib Ayaz Kachelo, Azeem Akram and Hadeed Ahmad

... among these strategies, nanotechnology is a rapidly evolving discipline that is gaining the attention of researchers. 


Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol.8, Iss.2, Pages 146-325


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