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Over last few years, the IT team at the ResearchersLinks has established in-house tools and resources to support scholarly journals by offering following services:

A Intuitive All-in-One Package for Publication
Manuscript Handler: An Economical and Professional Solution for Online Handling of Manuscripts
Offer of Fully Administered Journals
Contact for Contracts and Further Details



A Intuitive All-in-One Package for Publication


Our services are suitable for academic publishers with multiple journals, for individual journals, and societies and enterprises. This offer of collaboration provides intuitive solutions to international scientific community where the primary objective of the editors will be to the development of the journal and we deal technical and business matters. While our services cover all steps of publication that range from manuscript submission to final publication, there may be possibilities to collaborate on a specific need such as metadata generations.

Through this package we offer:

• Dedicated technical support and eservices.
• An unlimited manuscripts processing per journal and unlimited number of authors, reviewers, editors or associated editors access per journal in a single package.
• A 24/7 customer support with possibility to live chat for instant help.
• Free configuration possibilities that meet your specific demand within Manuscript Handler for a specific journal.
• An everyday Cloud Backup to store all your in-process data.

A single package includes everything you need to pay without any hidden charges. For more details please contact us.


Manuscript Handler: An Economical and Professional Solution for Online Handling of Manuscripts

Manuscript Handler (MH), a registered trademark, provides highly professional and economical workstation for publishers and individual journals. The MH is functionally integrated to provide solutions from a manuscript submission to final publications, all in one place.




A single package of MH will provide individual panel for Authors, Reviewers, Editors, Associate Editors, Editorial Office and Publishers. Each of these individuals will be able to handle all their tasks independently and/or integrated manners, whatever and wherever are needed. Each panel is supported with supportive resources in both detailed and integrated PDFs and in audio-video tutorials. You can perform any role without prior logging out from one role in any journal (provided that you have been given permission by the Editorial Office). A general working strategy has been outlined below:

The above-mentioned workflow is for guidance only and the entire process is customizable to provide flexible and journal-specific services and facilities. Please visit Manuscript Handler site for detailed information on each panel and offer of services.

Support and Search for Reviewers:

Reviewing manuscripts is a tedious and time-consuming process and only limited reviewers consider it a privilege. This is the stage of the manuscript that takes the most time and frustrates authors. Our IT team realizes this complication and has put significant efforts to alleviate this pressure. We offer tools developed within Manuscript Handlers possible to maximize the selection of reviewers and possibility to reduce the time of “reviewing-to-first-decision”.



Offer of Fully Administered Journals


ResearchersLinks offers a fully administered journal package to “run your journal on your behalf professionally and economically”. Recognizing the value of this collaboration, several societies and institutions have opted for this package and we are offering dedicated Editorial Manager per journal, which deals all administrative aspects of the journal including communication and technical support to authors, reviewers and marketing. This package allows societies, institutions and Editors to focus on the journal development and we define the direction and overlook the day-to-day based running aspects.


Contact for Contracts and Further Details


Should you need to obtain more information, please contact Jenny Hamm and we will happy to send “Offer of Fully Administered Journals Package Kit” which includes terms and conditions and mutual working strategies.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 1, pp. 01-501


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