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Abdul Baset1, Qun Liu1,*, Muhammad Tariq Hanif1, 2, Baochao Liao1, Aamir Mahmood Memon1,3 and Muhammad Mohsin1

Muhsan Ali Kalhoro1,2, Danling Tang1,*, Ye Hai Jun1, Morozov Evgeny1, Sufen Wang1 and Muhammad Aslam Buzdar
Muhammad Mohsin1, Dai Guilin1,*, Chen Zhuo1, Yin Hengbin1 and Muhammad Noman2

Muhammad Noman, Yong Tong Mu*, Muhammad Mohsin, Aamir Mahmood Memon and Muhammad Talib Kalhoro

Abdul Raqeeb1,3, Syed Moazzam Nizami2,4*, Aamir Saleem3, Lubna Ansari3, Saeed Gulzar3, Basit Ali3, Masooma Saleem5

...stration and stocking in cedar dominated forest ecosystem in the region. 

Muhammad Zohaib1, Muhammad Sajjad Ansari1*, Bushra Allah Rakha2* and Ali Akhter2
... nests on northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis; 32%) followed by guava (Psidium guajava; 19%), mango (Mangifera indica; 9%), white mulberry (Moris alba; 9%), sweat orange (Citrus X sinensis; 9%), babul (Vachellia nilotica; 7%), banyan (Ficus bengalensis; 4%), weeping fig (Ficus benjamina; 3%) and date palm (Phoenix dactylifera; 3%). The highest number of nests were recorded with clutch size 3 (...
Samreen Fatima* and Muddasir-Uddin
...ssive Conditional Heteroscedastic in Mean (GARCH-M) to forecast the stock markets data. The data of two stock markets namely, Karachi Stock Exchange 100 (KSE-100) of Pakistan and Standard and Poor’s 500 (S and P 500) of USA stock market covering the period 1st January 2013 to 31st, December 2019 are considered for analysis. Various forms of GARCH-M models are applied by inserting conditional standard deviation, conditional va...

Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad1*, Tehreem Shabbir1, Syed Makhdoom Hussain2, Fatima Yasin1, Humayoun Huma Maqbool1, Aasia Karim3

Iqtidar Hussain1, Ejaz Ahmed Khan1, Jawad Nazir and Ehtesham-ul-Haq1

...mical potential of white cedar vern. Bakain (Melia azedarachL.) leaves on wheat.Leaveslitter was used to examine the allelopathic effects of M.azedarach at five concentrations (100, 200, 300, 400 g, control). The studied parameters were germination percentage (%), Speed of germination, plant height (cm), root length (cm), Shoot length (cm), coleoptile length (cm), fresh weight (g), dry weight (g), tiller (plant-1) and chlorophyll content (μg cm-2) of Tritic...
Muhammad Shabir Mughal
...Bieb. (Himalayan pencil cedar. Snober, Obust) is a member of family Cupressaceae of Gymnosperms. It is dioecious, medium sized, evergreen tree, bark reddish-brown to grey, vertically fissured, exfoliating in fibrous strips. Leaves of two kinds; one sharp and needle like and the other flat and feather like or scale-like, closely pressed, with a large oblong elliptic glands in the center of the back. Flowers unisexual, the male at the tips of the bra...
Ashiq Ahmad
...ding on flowers of Peucedanum skadicum, leaves of Betula utilis and Salix himalayensis and tuberous roots of Lindelofia anchusoides. Some behavioral studies were also conducted. ...

Pakistan Journal of Forestry


Vol. 73, Iss. 1


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