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Herbicidal Eradication of Weeds in Maize Crop

Herbicidal Eradication of Weeds in Maize Crop

Iqtidar Hussain1, Haroon Shahzad2*, Sami Ullah2*, Muhammad Jawad Nazir1 and Muhammad Rizwan3

1Department of Agronomy, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, Pakistan; 2Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Arid Zone Research Center, D.I. Khan, Pakistan; 3Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

*Correspondence | Haroon Shahzad and Sami Ullah, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Arid Zone Research Center, D.I. Khan, Pakistan; Email:, 


The present study highlighted the weed management in maize and response of maize to herbicide mixture of Atrazine plus Mesotrion. The research was investigated in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with split plot arrangements. The varieties were allotted to main plots and weed management practices were allocated in subplots. This study focused on the parameters about weed densities before and after weed management and other agronomic parameters including grain yield. Relative weed densities of Cyprus rotundus L., Eleusine indica L., Cynon dactylon L., Trianthene portulacastrum L., convolvulus, and other miscellaneous weeds were registered before and after weed management. Results indicated that chemical control significantly best over control (No Treatment) after hand weeding. Agronomic parameters i.e., germination percentage (%), 50% tasselling, 50% silking, ear height (cm), stem diameter (cm), leaf area (m2), Biological yield (t ha-1), and grain yield (t ha-1), significantly affected by different weed management practices in three maize varieties. Maize variety Afghoiy interacted with Dafli (herbicide) after hand weeding registered the best treatment in all regards. However, Herbicides (Dafli and Xiawang 1X) seemed more effective in weed management over control. Horse purslane (Trianthene portulacastrum L.) increases its interference in maize crop both before and after weed management.

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol.37, Iss. 1, Pages 1-87


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